The story of Audience of Sin begins as a project in 1994 with the songs " The Devil in My" later known as "Animal Twist" and "Dark Side of My Life" The latter Is used Marek alias (Mark Sin) for inspiration for the band name " Audience of Sin ". Both songs recording in little underground Studio " No Surrender " in Gliwice .

In 2003 Audience of Sin finished , until then a one-man band , the following musicians : Drums - Waldemar Rowinski , Bass - Adam Black , guitars - Mark Sin . In the same year new pieces . It changed the musical style , which deviates increasingly from the Rockabilly Avangard and the 70's and 80's developed towards rock with a touch of new wave and classic Rokabilly .

In 2004, the band recorded the album " In Memory of Betty Page " on , back in the studio " No Surrender " as Marek in 1994. The album is an analog recording , tentatively on an 8 track tape recorder (Yamaha MTX -8) with very old , Polish microphones. Here, the finest analog echo effects (Roland Space Echo ) are used throughout in mind: Back To The Roots .

2006 takes the band a second time the album "In Memory of Batty Page " on , after none with the first version is sufficiently satisfied . Inspired by the sounds of the group "The Doors" the Hammond organ and mastering new to add. To record occurs in the HPP Poland Studio.

The album " In Mamory of Batty Page " in 2008 , after two years of hard work to complete. Only in the year 2013, Marek decides this album with a revised title , namely "Well Falach Eteru " issue .

In 2007, leaves Waldemar Rowinski , drummer of the band , the band and with him also goes the minimalist style , simple and beautiful rhythms of classic Polish rock music of the 80's style to combine with other styles of music. Waldemar himself said about his music : "I play what I feel. Sometimes less is more . "

The following year (2008) Marek realized his individual project , enters the studio and motivated and alone takes two songs : " Free Man " - second version Punkobilly and cover the group Siekiera " Nowa Aleksandria " . As a guest drummer plays " Czaszka " [ skull ] from the metal band Heretique from Gliwice, the vocal parts takes over Adam .

From 2009 works " Audience of Sin " on their second album .
In the following three years, the band worked on new songs . During this phase, in the band with differentiated views , many misunderstandings , both the music and the sound. Their result of the loss of the common musical language. As a consequence, leaves Adam " Audience of Sin " and reactivated his former band " With " .

In 2011, the band plays " Audience of Sin ," for the last time in the following line , in the club "7th Pub " in Gliwice : bass and vocal - Adam , guitars - Mark Silver . Arcadius of "Black Tower" took the synthesizer part as guest musicians , the drums were replaced with the BOSS BR -880 .

In 2013 Marek published the album "In Memory of Betty Page " from the year 2006 under the new title "The First and Last " .
On the double CD are as bonus live songs , demos and unreleased songs.

How can the music of " Audience of Sin " be described?

The music has developed and today by the fascination of Mark Silver in many genres , including 30 's Sick Jazz , 50's Desperate ´n´ Roll, 60 's Psychotic Garage Punk, 80's Post Punk and Coldwave belong . The many hidden elements make the music of " Audience of Sin " on a musical journey of discovery of the past 90 years.

I am fascinated by The Dark Side of Music.

Mark Silver